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Moved my blog technical related post to http://y-coderz.blogspot.com


Hi if you found out that I am rarely to post here, because I am moving my technical related blog post to http://y-coderz.blogspot.com. Please kindly check out it.

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Posting from Windows Live Writer (BETA)

 Hi It is my first post from using Windows Live Writer (BETA).  I am still wondering what is other feature that Live Writer gave. Anyway, I will test it out and blog it out after that. Have a nice day~

P/S: Testing on pasting screen captured. –>

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The Windows Vista RC 1 is ready.

The Release Candidate 1 for Windows Vista is ready for download or order. Please go to this site for more information.

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ATLAS will be renamed

Microsoft’s product coded name "ATLAS" is going to be renamed.  this included the client-side “Atlas” javascript library and it is going to be called the Microsoft AJAX Library. The server-side “Atlas” functionality that will be called the ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions. and the tag prefix for the “Atlas” controls will change from <atlas:>to <asp:>. The “Atlas” Control Toolkit today is a set of free, shared source controls and components that help you get the most value from the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions and the name of the project will change to be the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit. For more detail information please read at ScottGu’s blog: http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2006/09/11/_2200_Atlas_2200_-1.0-Naming-and-Roadmap.aspx

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My brother just came back from Trengganu. He is taking the course over there. He bought a 1GB pen drive there. He show me that it is having trojan or virus inside the pen drive and cannot be cleared. I found out that it cannot be opened when you double click on the drive on the windows explorer. You also will find out that that’s a extra command "Auto" is in the context menu when you right click the drive icon. I guess it is the default command that take over the "Autoplay" command. It must be something change in the shell matter or in registry.  By the way, we find out that RavMonE.exe weas running in the behind. I closed or terminate it immediately. Then, I went to Google for a research and found it as following http://forum.norman.com/viewtopic.php?p=4470&sid=a48086f9bc5edb4ba3309054276b9eea

So for those are affected please follow the removal instruction. Thanks.

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New developer’s community — InfoQ

There is a new community website is launched 2 months ago. This is site is cool and full of materials and news about developer and technology. The beauty feature of of this community is it is using AJAX too. Please click here to take a look. 
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