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My mood for today.

This morning, I found out someone sent me the ticket about 4. I never receive that much even my colleague. I think that should be someone complaining of me. Actually I know it, but I have done my ticket last … Continue reading

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Talking about 微软的成功之道

I found up an article from a folk’s blog, it’s quite interesting. It is about How and Why Microsoft success. I am very sorry for those does not understand mandarin. Thanks   Let’s Share It: Quote 微软的成功之道 微软的成功之道                                                            -访微软公司副总裁李开复博士 … Continue reading

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Rushing for ORACLE assignment.

I hate Oracle Form very much. Da** Oracle Form! It takes me alot of time to adjust the thing, it is not very user friendly. For those know Oracle Form, sure very hate the moment when creating an item on the … Continue reading

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Talking about Have you filed your taxes??

  Quote Have you filed your taxes?? As today is a public holiday, I finally spent some time to go through on how to file my taxes…It was quite confusing at the begining as the department introduced Self Assessment System. … Continue reading

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