Never Trust Cintai Holidays

15th of MARCH, it was my Birthday. But, I was feeling cheated.
A Malay or Indian called Zira, from CINTAI Holidays (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd rang me up through the phone. This girl told me the benefits of the card. I don’t know about this company at first. But, at last i found that from the google, the site and information about them after the event happened: and, about the complaint to them:
Anyway, they should not use such method like Direct Sales and force people to purchase it. They indirectly asked me the last 7 Digits at the back of Credit Card and cheated my card. According to my knowledge, I never know that the last 3 digits at the back of credit card is the security number. I gave them, S**t on me. Anyway, I cancelled the card withint 40 minutes. But the Zira said cannot cancel. At last, I also cancelled my credit card.  OMG, they charged me RM590~
Throughout the process, they did not show me the term and condition, furthermore, I did not sign any formal document in black and white. How can this happen to me?
From 15th of MARCH to 17th of MARCH, I called that company and cancel the card but some how they said need my statement. But what I found from is they never refund althought you fax it. I requested them to give me commitment in the spot but the Program Manager Mr. Shah said they will not make it. I think they are planning to give me the empty promise. Mr. Shah also said they cancel if consumer want to cancel within 1 hours. But, i called them within 40 minutes. What the bullsh** sentence~ I asked about where is the term and condition, they said don’t have and they just go through it verbally~ I asked why you all can ask customer’s credit number and security number, they answered that they used to it. What the B*LLSH**
When you want to talk with them throughout the day, and day by day, they are being rudeness and try to make excuse to talk with you. OMG~Why this is happen to me~?
Anyway, at last, I wrote out this thing on my blog and I hope everyone can take attention to it. Hope I can solve it off through the Consumer Association of Penang and also the Police Station of Dato Keramat, Penang.
I also want to thanks the Google. Lol~Great work, Google~
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5 Responses to Never Trust Cintai Holidays

  1. Alfred says:

    Hoho… Dailou, such an unforgetable tragic birthday.
    Actually how in the hell they get your information and called you up? Nowadays people doing business like Paparazzi,  like a fucking dog seeking target and hunt you down.
    Anyway, for the credit card information, either your name or any other confidential information that used to identified your identity and validate your card holder status (eg: what\’s you mother\’s name? etc)

    Should NEVER gave away to anyone or the merchant
    except the bank (which provide you the credit card) should only obtain those information for verification purpose on the transaction occurred. For merchant, they at most can and should only get your name and credit card number, once gave away, it means we\’re agreed to the term and conditions.
    Sometimes even if the bank called up, I would prefer not to reveal all answer yet, instead, asking back some questions to identify they\’re REALLY the bank.
    For anything that related to our identity like IC, even photostated IC should have the purpose written on top with double lines, for eg:
    Credit Car App ONLY
    For safety purpose, whenever you made a huge amount transaction, is better to call the bank for confirmation rather waiting them to call.
    God bless Dailou.

  2. Sherly says:

    Hi, u should call up your credit card company and ask for a dispute.
    Tell them that u are unaware of the charge, u weren\’t given any
    detailed information before they charged u. Tell them u want to reverse
    the transaction as u are unhappy with their service. U can work it out,
    just need to deal with ur credit card company directly, not the Cintai

  3. shea says:

    i kno credit card companies can be so frustrating… i recently made a credit card transaction and it went thru for double the amount it was supposed to… i got a charge back to the company that over charged me… and then after the charge back went thru they charged my card AGAIN illegally… and i can\’t get the credit card company to do anything about it because i already had one charge back… i\’m so frustrated!!!good luck to you…

  4. Unknown says:

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  5. ANNE says:

    hi everyone…
    recently (i think last week) i have made a report to tribunal pengguna malaysia through online…
    and suddenly today morning one staff from cintai claimed that it is scam whch done by their own people…weird huh???
    so, i said you have to give me a letter for official record so that i can withhdraw my report to tribunal…
    she said by today her manager will issue out an official letter to state that any payment of upgrading member card not required since I’ve already paid once I registered (which is 5 years ago)….
    so guys…you have to act same thing or else they will charge your credit card without your permission…

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